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Plasma Source, GenII
Mini e-beam evaporator
Atomic Hydrogen Source
IonEtch Sputter Ion Gun
Plasma Source
Atom Source, 
Ion Source

or Atom/Ion Hybrid Source
e-beam evaporator
Mini Electron
Beam Evaporator
Hydrogen Cracker
Atomic Hydrogen
Argon Sputter Gun
Sputter Gun
new 4-pocket e-beam evaporator
new Sub-D Feedthroughs brochure of MPF
new UHV transport suitcase
Kapton wire, single strand, 7-strand and coax cable
new High Current version of IonEtch Sputter gun
e-flux Mini E-Beam Evaporator: new Deposition Controller
new Faraday Cup System
Plasma Source: new remote control options
Ceramic Screws: besides the M4x10 and M3x10 now also available in M2x5
4-pocket Mini e-beam evaporator
The new e-flux4 electron beam evaporator can evaporate 4 different materials out of a single CF-35 (2.75"OD) flange. Unique design features allow highest flexibility to configure the 4 pockets with rod or crucible evaporation, flux monitoring and shutter. The power supply enables co-evaporation as standard.
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last update 27.8.2006